April Wrap-Up

It is officially, gloriously my favorite season in Mississippi. 

Springtime in the mid-South may not last long but it's perfect while it's here.
The pastures are greening up and scattered with bright white and yellow flowers (weeds really but so pretty), neighborhood azaleas are blooming and there are brand new baby ducks at the park. The mornings are cool enough to sip coffee outside in a blanket and the days are getting longer. Lots of long walks, time at the horse farm, digging in the dirt in my garden- can you see why it's my favorite?

The studio is showing signs of spring as well. I released my collection of Poppies & Peonies in April, inspired by the lovely variety grown in my mother's North Carolina garden. 

I am so appreciative and humbled by the support I received on this collection. Whenever I finish releasing a new series, I am exhausted and wonder how I will summon fresh energy to get back in the studio and create- your kind comments and love never fail to give me the boost I need. I'm a words-of-affirmation Enneagram 3 through and through ;). 

Speaking of new work, I've decided to devote the month of May to gathering inspiration. I've got some big stuff coming up this summer and I'm feeling the need to protect my creative time. More on that later...

So what else happened in April?

  • My family came for a long weekend to celebrate Easter. Seven kids and six adults in my house- it was loud and chaotic and wonderful. 

  • I spent a weekend in Chattanooga with my mom and younger sister to celebrate her 40th birthday (a year late due to Covid). We ate yummy food (Public House- go there), finished entire conversations and slept in big hotel beds all by ourselves. Chattanooga is such a nice, clean city and the drive there through North Alabama is gorgeous.
  • While driving, I listened to Harrison Scott Key's audio reading of The World's Largest Man and y'all- if you haven't read or listened to it, you need to. Described as "a true story about what it's like to be related to insane people from Mississippi" this Southern memoir is clever, honest and laugh-out-loud funny. And that last chapter- I might have ugly cried on I-22.
        What's next? Lots of good stuff. I'm gathering inspiration for my next collection, prepping for an in-person exhibit this fall, my notecard samples and test prints are coming in, researching some Plein Air painting workshops and, of course, painting- I've got plans to paint bigger and bolder this summer with some new media. Stay tuned because you know I'll be sharing!


      As always, thank you for being here...

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