Something Beautiful: The Making of a Collection, Part III

I knew early on that I wanted to use vintage frames for this collection. I've always had a thing for the unique design and patina of old frames. I love finding something pretty in the corners of an antique store or estate sale, and bringing it home to clean up. There is just nothing like the craftsmanship and attention to detail, and that thick old glass, if salvageable, is gorgeous. Repurposing old frames is also better for the world we live in and easier on your wallet! 

Most vintage frames are not standard sizes, so I knew that I would have to create works specifically for each frame. I cleaned up several from my stash (watch me refurbish one here), and scouted some new ones from local antiques dealers and Etsy. I hung my favorites on the studio wall as a constant inspiration- I wanted the frames themselves to show me what to paint.

Next came color palette decisions- color mixing and swatching and really getting to know how the different acrylic paints blend together. I am very comfortable with watercolors and gouache but acrylic paints 'behave' differently. Even the pigment combinations used to make similar colors are different. I had to figure out how to slow their drying time so I can blend the paints on my palette and on my canvas. I experimented with different substrates and finishes. It was all a bit of a learning curve but so enjoyable and even therapeutic.

And I was definitely in love with the results.

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