Something Beautiful: The Making of a Collection, Part IV

It was finally time to put brush to paper... in the midst of commissions, releasing a notecard collection and teaching some watercolor workshops, my hands were literally aching to paint! 

This is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. I had my frames, my paints, my canvas, even my playlist... would the images in my mind translate? Could I adequately express what I wanted? Would the result be the beautiful, cohesive collection I intended?

There was some struggle and self-doubt, some wrestling with the work but there were also moments of total delight and fulfillment. In the end, I laid all the pieces out and the answer was yes, I had created a beautiful body of work. 

And I can't wait for you all to see it in full. 

Members of my Friends' List (sign up here) will receive early access to the work on Saturday, July 31st at 3pm CST. The collection launches to the public on Sunday, August 1st, at 3pm, CST. 


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  • Our house painting is so full of life snd joy. Hanging in our kitchen it is a beautiful reminder of how truly blessed we are.

    Kristen Lees

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